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Community Ambassadors

Supporting community leaders from across the county in planning projects to make their communities healthier. They are linking with resources, learning together and supporting each other to take action.  Community Ambassadors in Alderson, Renick, Rainelle, Williamsburg, Quinwood, White Sulphur, Ronceverte, and through Women of Color for Change have received mini-grants and support.  Stories about their projects will be highlighted here so keep an eye out for more details coming soon.

Alliance Develops Grassroots Connections through Network of Community Ambassadors

Founded in 2015, the Greenbrier County Health Alliance is a non-profit in Greenbrier County focused on promoting community engagement. We do this through specific investments in target communities. We offer training opportunities, resource coordination, and mini-grant funds to support: 1) access to fresh local foods; 2) local workshops for people with diabetes and other chronic conditions; and 3) the design and implementation of grassroots projects to improve health.

In the early days of the Alliance, eight target communities were identified. These communities were chosen because they are isolated, rural, or marginalized and could benefit from some love and attention. Seven of our target communities are geographic and one is identity based.

We recruited local people in these communities to be Ambassadors. These were people who were already engaged and working towards a healthier community, the local movers and shakers. These individuals were offered opportunities to participate in trainings and connected to resources and support. They were also provided with $1,000 mini grants to build their communities or support healthy projects.

Our Ambassadors told us what projects their communities needed and we provided mini-grants to make it happen. Our process is creative and flexible – we work with Ambassadors to develop effective projects, but the wishes of the community always come first! Who knows better what is needed than someone from the community?

It is amazing what a $1,000 can do! Take a look at what some of our mini-grants have been used for:

Alliance ambassadors

At the moment, our grants are not open to general applications. We target particular community groups. In the future, we hope to expand to other communities in Greenbrier County and eventually across the Greenbrier Valley!

To learn more, contact Sally Hurst at shurst@osteo.wvsom.edu or 304-793-6554.

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