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Montwell Park Walking Path Complete

Montwell Park Walking Path Complete

Jamboree Scouts Constructing the Meadow Loop Path

Montwell Park is being developed to serve as a gateway to the downtown area.  It will provide the community with a beautiful, functional space and healthy environment for all generations.  Last summer, over 200 Boy Scouts attending the National Jamboree at The Summit began the construction of walking paths around the meadow area.  Local scouts, Troop 70, have recently completed the path.  Everyone in the community is encouraged to enjoy walking in this very attractive area that is only two blocks from downtown Lewisburg.

The path begins at the lower parking lot of the Park complex and follows a creek on the south side of the meadow, then continues along the base of the hillside on the meadow’s northern edge .  The Hillside Loop leaves at the east end, climbs up a slight hill and descends back to the Meadow Loop.  Oak timbers outline the path that is filled with compacted crushed limestone to create a  surface that is firm and never muddy.  The Meadow Loop is about 1/5 of a mile long and the Hillside Loop increases the distance to ¼ mile.  The path is handicap accessible and adequate parking is located at its entrance.

Now that the main walking path is complete, plans are underway to extend access to the Lee and Chestnut Street areas and the Beirne Spring which served the Lewisburg Creamery and the original Lewisburg school on Lee Street.  Landscaping will  be developed to reflect the different ecosystems that are found within the Park.  Plantings will include native trees, shrubs, and plants along with a small fruit orchard featuring heirloom varieties that were important in this part of West Virginia.  All the plants and trees will be labeled to identify the species and explain why they are important to our area.  Montwell Park will continue to develop as an attractive gateway to Lewisburg and a place where residents can enjoy the natural beauty of the area as they walk around the meadow and creek.