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Guest Blogger – Josh Sowards on Diabetic Friendly Desserts

About Josh:

Joshua Sowards is a Coordinator for Try This WV and the Healthy Bodies Healthy Spirits Network. Both groups are working to knock West Virginia off the top of the worst health lists! He’s a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and an avid believer that our bodies are a temple God wants us to care for. He and his wife, Desiree, are worship leaders at First Baptist Church of Kenova where they and their two daughters, Aslyn and Lila, enjoy fellowship and changing the church’s culture on food and physical wellness.


Here are a few things I do personally to still have something sweet, but they don’t negatively impact my needs for insulin. Keep in mind that ALL of these foods and how I mix ’em up still necessitate moderation. Hey! It’s a sweet! So no diabetic can go “haywire” and not expect a negative outcome.


  • Stevia Leaf (avoid fillers like Eurythrotol, Xylotol, Fructose, and Maltodextrine or Dextrose. They can still solicit a response from the pancreas like sugar does. Your brain’s not fooled by a sugar alcohol! It still sends signals to the rest of the body to respond like something sweets been eaten. Most dangerous of which is CRAVINGS! We diabetics don’t need to crave sugar anymore than we already may)
  • Raw honey
  • Maple Syrup
    • With both of honey and maple syrup… you’re talking eating a serving size AT MOST! They are stout sweeteners. But, they are real. That’s far better than using something artificial. Encourage folks to enjoy a small treat… not engorge themselves because they used healthy ingredients.

Sweets/ingredients or makings for sweet treats:

  • Coconut flour(for biscuits, muffins, or bars) It’s full of fiber! That dramatically lowers the glycemic load.
  • Cocoa Nibs(these are 100% cocoa. A sweetener of some sort will be needed for most folks to enjoy them. But again, they’re a real form of cocoa! No fillers or added, sneaky sweeteners you gotta worry about causing an unexpected sugar spike. And they are full of healthy fat and minerals.
  • Cashews, Brazil Nuts, and Pecans(the sweeter nuts). A serving size of these mixed with a serving of low-glycemic fruit (strawberries, blueberries or raspberries with these nuts make a killer snack for a diabetic!  Wait… did I really mean killer??? I mean… a life-saving dessert! )
  • Carrots or Sweet potatoes. Believe it or not, you can get creative and make some pretty awesome treats using these two vegetables. They are naturally sweet, don’t have the impact on glucose that white potatoes have and are loaded with nutrients every diabetic needs (especially beta carotine – good for the ol’ eyeballs). I can’t give you a specific recipe (I think Dr. Axe has some) but I literally get in the kitchen and just play! That’s how you find something you like, appreciate, and can replicate!

Another tidbit I would add is try fasting form sweets all-together. Diabetics really get into trouble when they still try to eat white flours and other baked goods and highly processed foods. Remember, those “foods” aren’t good for anyone! So, either find a way to make them with wholesome ingredients and enjoy them. Or pray for the strength to look yourself in the mirror and say, “I’ll not be mastered by anything!” (1 Cor. 6:12). Take 10 – 14 days away from sweets and you’ll find when you return to wholesome sweets (FRUITS), it’s God’s candy! And the sweetest treat you need.


His favorite site for finding healthy recipes for folks with diabetes is Dr. Axe’s website. Just click the Healthy Recipes tab!