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Feminine Hygiene Drive For GBV

This month some of our partners are raising funds for feminine hygiene products for those who are struggle to afford these simple things. Click the link to donate. Stay posted for places to drop off products.

“We often take for granted some of the simple things we use in our everyday lives. For example, many of us can go to our closet or stop at the local drug store for a box of maxi pads or tampons. But there are those in our area that struggle with purchasing these items. It is known that homeless women will look in dumpsters for products. Even some people will miss school because they don’t have the products they need.

As we know, feminine hygiene products are considered a luxury by our society and system but they are not. They are a necessary sanitary health item that everyone doesn’t have access to buy themselves. In the month of May, we would like to sponsor a feminine hygiene drive to help women in the Greater Greenbrier Valley area.

Please donate to our cause. The funds raised will help determine the size of our campaign and the amount of products we raise for the people in our community.

We hope to raise money for products and education. We would like to teach people in our community how to make sustainable products too if possible.

The event sponsors are Greater Greenbrier Valley Indivisible and Women’s March – Lewisburg. These progressive groups work together to affect positive change and build relationships in the community.

Help spread the word!”