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Certificate Program – Community Empowerment and Growing Change

Grow the change you wish to see!

This 12-week course is for experienced and aspiring community change agents. In this certificate, you will gain grounded knowledge and skills for applying seven tasks to create sustainable impact in your community. You will learn how to inform, initiate, and sustain just and lasting community change processes by facilitating collaborative leadership, building on existing assets and successes, nurturing behavioral change, and supporting better livelihoods. Join a global network of practitioners for this dynamic learning experience!

Weeks 1-5 – Identify and learn from local resources and successes
Weeks 6-9 – Prepare for and initiate local action
Weeks 10-12 – Monitor and adjust actions to achieve and sustain local goals

Schedule: June 1, 2017 – August 24, 2017
Course Registration and Instruction: $150
Optional Certificate of Completion: additional $200, possibility to earn graduate credit

Travel: none required outside of your community

Weekly commitment: 2-3 hours for content; up to 10 hours for in-depth application

Expectation: facilitate positive change now and forever

Registration is open until the course starts on June 1, 2017! In this 12-week certificate, you will gain the skills and knowledge to shape the direction of change at the local level, explore new ways of preparing for and taking action for sustainable change, and learn from the course instructors and your peers from around the world.


Check out this sneak preview video clip of Dr. Dan’l Taylor introducing the origins of SEED-SCALE, the overarching community and social change framework that this certificate is organized around.

For more information or to register, go to: learn.future.edu
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